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The Artist Ride, began in 1984 as an actual trail ride. Dan Deuter, Lavon Shearer, and Dale Lewis encouraged the participants to dress in period costume. The photography sessions became longer and longer until in 1987 it was held at the Shearer ranch on the Cheyenne River (the longest river in North America that flows north) 20 miles north of Wall Drug Store and the Badlands National Park.

The Artist Ride is by invitation only. Artists can gather scrap of mountain men, cowboys & longhorns, US cavalry, Indians, stage coaches, wagons, and almost anything from the 19th century American frontier you can imagine. In fact artists fill out a "wish list" of material they would like to see and the models do their best to pack accordingly.

The models are carefully selected for their look, number of impressions, knowledge of history, horsemanship, and character. Most have appeared in motion pictures and documentaries.

Jim Hatzell became director of the Artist Ride in 1997 and has tried to run it exactly as Dan Deuter had done . Why mess with perfection.

If you are interested in attending the Artist Ride contact Jim at (605) 341-0620 or

To keep things exclusive and also at a manageable size, only 50 artists are invited to the Artist Ride each year.

The dates for the 2007 Artist Ride are August 17th, 18th & 19th with Thursday (the 16th) being a "bonus" day for anybody that happens to come early!

By the way....the Jan/Feb 2007 issue of South Dakota magazine includes a very nice article on the Artist Ride.



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